About me Ad fontes!
I was born in Russia in 1973. I was interested in drawing and painting right from my early childhood. Having been at school, I even tried to draw paintings created by Russian artists with an ordinary pencil during the lessons, since these paintings were often shown in former school books. Because of that, I often had a lot of trouble with the teachers, who had to handle with my version of Reshetnikov’s painting “Another F?” instead of facing the demanded work. After receiving the teachers’ natural reaction, this famous painting scene even took place at home in my life sometimes. Together with music school, I also attended the local school of arts. But unfortunately, I didn’t get along with music as successful as with arts. In my last college years, I fell in love with impressionism. Influenced by Monet, Van Gogh, Cezanne and Gauguin, I started to create small paintings predominantly showing landscapes or still lives which I subsequently gave to my friends as a present. After graduating from high school, I discovered my interest in IT. In 1991, I attended the Technical University, concentrating on computer science and business as well as design. Right after getting my university degree in 1996, I moved to Germany where I totally dedicated myself to my technological profession. For almost 10 years, I didn’t get in touch with the brush. In 2010, however,  I slowly returned back to my artistic roots. In my creational process, I try to follow very simple rules - reflecting reality, emphasizing the light and capturing the human character by portraying people. It’s possible that my preference for impressionism in my last college years plays an important role for my current choice of colours and their intensity in my artistic work. To me, it seems as if this helps me to depict the sunlight, the shadows and contrasts not just concerning the colours, but also different aspects of social life. Phone :  +49 163 -  698 34 34   eMail :  iwan@faberden.com